The RDI Online System (RDIOS)

The RDI-LSTM is an online community that connects all RDI® families with their consultants, with other RDI® families, and with the world-wide community of RDI® Consultants and professionals, including Dr. Gutstein and his staff at the Connections Center in Houston, Texas.
Features include:
  • Your own, personal account for your child – includes a running record of current objectives, mastered objectives, and all clips and communication between you and your consultant. The RDI-LS® helps you to document your child’s progress through video clips and recorded communication between families and consultants.
  • Access to e-learning and trainings on topics related to autism and to the RDI® Program
  • Access to the full catalog of child and family objectives in the RDI® Program
  • Access to the video library of clips of other families working on similar objectives
  • Forums with other RDI® families and professionals, where you can post questions or share your successes
  • Real-time live webinars with RDI® Consultants from around the world (including Dr. Gutstein), on various topics of interest to RDI® families. These webinars are archived, and can be accessed at any time if you are unable to attend when they are live.
  • Private space for your own personal notes, journal, self-reflection
  • The RDI® help desk for technical issues
Contact your RDI® Program Certified Consultant for more information about the RDI-LSTM system.

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